I know I am….

But its probably for a totally different reason to you (Well kinda)

If I had to guess why you’re frustrated, it probably comes down to that killer of businesses:

Lack Of Sales

And that’s kind of why I’m pissed (but not for lack of sales)

But because everyone is telling YOU the wrong way to sell online (Mainly from copy and pasting other peoples experience perhaps)

You see all the guru’s out there swear that you should be Retargeting your audience (Its a ninja method to re-engage and interact with your site visitors)

But then they send you the same information with affiliate links to use a 3rd party tool…

“Create an image of your product and chase people around the internet to collect lost sales!”

Hmm…it kinda works

I Mean:

For those who were going to buy anyway they generally come back and buy

And for those sitting on the fence its the extra interactions they needed to move them forward

But focusing just on Point Of Sale seems a little lacklustre to me…




I’m NO retargeting expert..
I simply took my experiences in sales and transferred it across to online

(OK granted I’m a massive nerd which will become apparent soon enough)

But all I did was take logical human sales interactions
And then I tweaked and honed different methods…

(And I managed to hit some 7000-9000% ROI at the same time)

Which Is A Pretty Good ROI Right?

I mean industry standard ROI for retargeting is around 200%

So what am I doing differently?
And what could you be doing differently?

Its quite simple really…

I’m taking tried and tested traditional sales methods. And then creating automated logical sequences that ascend my visitors into customers

Much like a conversation or interaction in person…
Because why should interactions online be different to offline?
We’re all humans at the end of the day

Not only that but we’re getting far more tech savvy

If we smell bullshit a hard sell we’ll simply close the page….

That’s not to say hard sells are wrong!

But right time, right place, right method:


We need to understand our audience and help them decide to become customers..

There’s no real secret sauce or push button solution

And if someone tells you there is then turn and run in the other direction

But I want to talk to you about a difference in mindset

A change in approach that makes so much sense it almost seems obvious
(And you’ll kick yourself for not seeing it sooner)

We wrote an article about it that people seemed to enjoy...



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Its not for everyone...

Not because it won’t work in different industries.

But because some people don’t want to run a business

Or even give a crap about their customers

If you’re here for a quick buck then you may as well close the page now

But if you already run a business...
And you want to not only increase the sales you have
But also collect lost sales
And ascend and convert the rest of your traffic…

Then REGISTER to learn how I helped one company generate $18,750 in sales for $114 ad spend in 48 hours ($28 of which was actually the Retargeting spend)

Or and hear how a blog reader of ours took the FREE information on our blog and generated a further 21% in sales netting him a nice ADDITIONAL $16,000 in revenue

Or you can carry on doing “business as usual”...



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OK...Here's a little more backstory


Money was on the line

Fight or flight mode was kicking in

All I could think about was a book I had been reading…

Have you ever read “The One Thing” by Gary Kellar?
If not then I highly suggest you do read it


You need to understand what you speciality is in life and dedicate yourself to it

Often however you don’t notice it at first…

The image above is from a case study we ran with a company where they generated over $18,750 in sales for $114 ad spend.
(In fact they ran out of product otherwise they would have sold more)

They sold more in 48 hours than months combined…

But Lets Go Back A Little First
I was running some retargeting to a $297 product on an old website and not really thinking about it.

I was running the product as a way to validate potential clients and so just through a few ads together

How Hard Could It Be:
You add your pixel and make an advert and show it to people right? (Old world thinking of retargeting)

So what if I tweak the methods a little-
it can’t hurt to try huh?

With an audience of just 20 people I made $1,200 in sales for around $3 in Retargeting spend…

Not bad!

I had a look around to see what I could change and faced the usual onslaught of poor information on retargeting.

But what I did notice was that standard ROI is around 200%

Hmm…let me do the math on my campaign
Around 7,245% or so…

Pretty cool huh?

At the risk of sounding like a douchebag I figured:
“Hey maybe this is MY ONE THING?”

And that’s where the problem started and why I got myself in this mess…

I faced some fears and wrote a blog post about it and decided to share it with my industry

A lot of people loved it and some readers even saw quick return! test1

And then a peer rightly called me out (For which I will be forever thankful)

They let me know that it wasn’t a case study per se as it was only a small audience…

(Which was totally correct-I was just wanting to share it with some small business owners)

But if Retargeting this way can work so well even for low traffic offers then they DEFINITELY should implement even a simple campaign!

Disclaimer #2:
I’m a full blown Nerd but i’m also a stubborn bugger..

“Fine! I’ll run a campaign with a major company and record my results”

So I reached out to a local company…
Plans were hatched
Strategies and sequences were used
Psychology was manipulated ….

But you still have to follow through Dan…

I sat with baited breath at midnight of the event happening….

And then..

A Sale
Another sale…

Hours seemingly pass in the space of 30 minutes

But no more sales…. Wait is that it?

What could have gone wrong?


Don’t Panic Lets Investigate:

15 read emails of so from potential customers would reveal that the special pricing for the event hadn’t been added yet and they were waiting to buy!

Customers were actively reaching out to us and telling us they wanted to buy (The first 2 sales didn’t even wait for the offer to go live!)

We flicked the switch and let them know…

I went to bed around 1:32 am and we were at around $4,000 in sales for an ad spend of around $30 or so

During the night we continued to drive traffic to the offer and Retarget SPECIFIC sequences to the audience based on certain factors

And that’s part of the difference

Right Place, Right Time, Right Method

You could sell me a horse with the right message at the right time and correct positioning
(And I’m not even slightly interested in horses)

You just have to make sure that you follow the logical progression towards the sale based on your interaction

I may be joking around with horses etc but its incredibly important to understand this:

Segmentation of Conversation Is Paramount

Not just at point of sale

Segmentation before during and after….

We ran specific content or ad campaigns based on interactions and leveraged specific triggers of influence combined with logical sales sequencing

(And a few other hacks)

The Next Morning With nerves of excitement and still in bed, I logged into “the backend” of their website

Wow proof

It was around 7am and they had hit over $11,000 in sales

And after the 48 hours?

It was around $18,750 with disgruntled customers messaging they had missed out…

$18,750 for just $24 in Retargeting ads and $89 in traffic generation beforehand

And this was in New Zealand…

Some American states have a larger population that NZ…
And yet we smashed sales from a tiny audience of customers…

(We even upsold them to products not on offer!)